The Initial Cohort for our Ontario location will be starting in September 2019!

What is Commerce and Logistic technology?

As the world becomes more global and consumers have more options on products and services, the ability to compete often comes down to those who have the best ability to create and move products quickly and cheaply. This is leading to dramatic changes in logistics and new needs in commerce.

We focus on technology ideas that will help move products, store products, or track products better. We also focus on ideas that will affect e-commerce, or that will change consumers experiences on how they buy, when they buy, or why they buy.

Why Ontario?

Ontario is located in Southern California, 40 miles from Los Angeles in a region called the Inland Empire.  The region has lower cost of living than Los Angeles or Orange County and is expected to double its population in the next 15 years.  The dominant industry in the region is warehousing, distribution, and transportation.

  •  Ontario airport recently surpassed Atlanta to be the busiest outbound freight hub in the nation
  • Ontario, and the Inland Empire in general, support both the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach
  • The regions train and freeway system are set up to efficiently transport goods and services
  • There is a large presence from UPS, FedEX, Amazon, DHL and others. 
  • Ontario has 110 Million Sq ft of Industrial Space used for warehousing, distribution, and transportation
  • QVC West Coast Distribution Center, Toyota Motor Corporation’s North American Parts and Logistics Distribution (NAPLD) center, Cardinal Health Distribution, Sam’s Club Distribution, Disney Distribution and Target Distribution are just a few of the companies with warehouse and distribution in Ontario

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