Our application process is now open. In order to prepare you will want to consider some of these questions:

  • How does your idea fit into commerce and logistics tech? How does it enhance existing offerings in commerce and logistics?
  • What are your goals for your time in the incubator?
  • What is your level of commitment? What time do you plan to put in, and what resources will you utilize?
  • How well do you understand the market for the opportunity you are pursuing?
  • Do you have an MVP or current clients?
  • Who has the problem and how did you become aware of it?
  • Why should we choose you and your idea to join the program?

The Application Process

Our application process has three steps. You will fill out part 1 of the application and submit. Within three business days your application will be reviewed, and if you meet the requirements you will be sent part two of the application. If selected you will move into an interview before final notification. The Ontario cohort will start September 30th.  

Program Guidelines: 

Interphase Ontario is focused exclusively on early stage Commerce and Logistics Technology opportunities and can only accept ideas and companies relating to it. If your idea does not fall within Commerce or Logistics we will whenever possible connect you to other resources from our network that can better meet your needs. If you have questions about your ideas eligibility, or what other resources may be available, please reach out through our contact form. 

The goal of interphase is to help you determine if there is a “there” there. Once your idea is validated by stakeholders and customers we have an early stage accelerator called Instantaneous to help you determine your optimal growth path.

Interphase is an in person program, and participants must be willing to attend cohort sessions in person in Ontario, CA once a week. Applicants will also be expected to put in the time with their idea and to work through the curriculum. We stress getting out of the building and talking to customers and stakeholders.  

Interphase Incubator part of The WESEE Collective and demonstrates a full commitment to the principles of Wellness, Education, Society, Ethics and the Environment. We recognize that value is insufficiently measured along a single axis of profit and demand that short-term motivations be augmented by greater accountability over longer horizons. All startups in the program will be expected to pursue multiple dimensions of value over time supporting the WESEE principles.