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Our program is designed to help you test your idea before you invest resources into creating your product.  We help you identify and meet with real stakeholders and customers to learn what they want and what works for them.  You then modify your idea to create a product that works for customers.   







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Join us on September 5th at 6 PM for our Commerce and Logistics Technology Incubator Information Night. If you have ideas to improve commerce or logistics, or if you want to support entrepreneurship in the Inland Empire, this event is for you.

About InterPhase…

Why Should I Join an Incubator?

Working with an incubator increases your chances of having a sucessful business.  You recieve coaching and mentoring while working through a robust cirriculum to help you develop and grow your business.  Additionally, working with a cohort of other founders help provide support and motivation.  

How Much Does it Cost?

There is no cost and the incubator does not require any equity stake.  The city of Ontario is sponsoring the costs for the program making it free to participants.  You will be provided with mentors, coaching, resources, and desk space to work.  

What Should you Expect?

You will join a cohort that will meet once a week to go through cirriculum and discuss progress.  You will also meet with your mentor or coach once a week.  In between you will work on advancing and validating your idea by meeting with potential customers and industry personel.  The program will take between 6 and 12 months.  

Why have an Industry Focus?

We choose a industry focus that is selected based on the location of the incubator.  Having a focus allows us to create stronger industry contacts and to collect better resources for our profile companies.  

Do You Invest In Startup Companies?

Currently our program does not have an investment fund.  We instead provide resources to help you validate your idea and be able to pitch it to others for possible investment.  

Commerce and Logistics Technology Program

Ontario, California

Ontario, Ca is an incredible hub for commerce and logistics.  Ontario International Airport is one of the largest outbound freight airports in the country.  The city supports both the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach by train and rail.  The area has over 80 Million Sq ft of industrial space used for transportation and warehousing and is home to QVC West Coast Distribution Center, Toyota Motor Corporation’s North American Parts and Logistics Distribution (NAPLD) center, Cardinal Health Distribution, Sam’s Club Distribution, Disney Distribution and Target Distribution.  Amazon, FedEx, DHL and UPS are also all expanding their presence in the Inland Empire.  

Test your idea in a growing market with customers that need your product.  

Current Portfolio Companies:

Our first cohort starts September 2019






404 N Euclid Ave, Ontario, Ca 91762